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Ocean and Seas: You must have a good knowledge about the ocean and seas of the world as lots of questions are asked on it in competitive exams.
1- Which one of the following seas is without a coastline?
2- Which one of the following countries does not border Mediterranean sea?
3- A ship met with an accident at 30°N. The ship was sailing in the:
4- Sargasso sea is located in:
5- The greatest known ocean depth (which lies in the pacific ocean) is:
6- The Caspian Sea, the largest inland sea or lake in the world, is located:
7- Which is the largest sea in the world?
8- Which is the largest Gulf in the world?
9- There is a submarine ridge in the Bay of Bengal. What is it called?
10- Where is the Dogger Bank, which is a major fishing area, located?